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Information: You are using the latest official release and don't need to update.However there is a new community made version available which is based on the latest official beta and offers several improvements.It is known that cyber criminals proliferate German Wiper through emails (spam campaigns). LNK file which, if opened, starts executing Power Shell commands that cause the infection. Typically, programs of this type are distributed through trojans, fake software updating or illegal activation tools and untrustworthy file or software download channels too.Trojans are malicious programs that cause chain infections, they spread (download and install) other malicious programs.They will not send any of the lost data or send a tool which supposed to recover them.The only way to recover lost files is to restore them from a backup.Fake software updating tools infect computers either by downloading and installing malicious programs instead of updating installed ones, or by exploiting bugs, flaws of already installed programs that are out-of-date.

It means that they cannot be decrypted if they were not encrypted in the first place.

German Wiper changes the name of every overwritten file by adding the extension that contains 5 random characters, such as "B2".

For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1phn B2" and so on.

Basically, developers of German Wiper use this program to damage the files irreversibly and attempt to trick people into thinking that their files are encrypted and can be decrypted with some tool which only they have.

We strongly recommend not to contact or transfer money to them.

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k Mule - short form for "kad mule" - is intended to be the most lightweight e Mule compatible client out there.

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