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Than execute your script in a 64-bit powershell by calling it from a commandline in your 32-bit script. I can't really understand what prevented you from developing something like "WMI proxy" which will run as a service on remote machine and execute all the WMI queries - there won't be any overloads, permission issues, flickering issues and so [email protected] Doroginin: Actually we did develop such a service.I've meticulously followed the guides and troubleshooting steps, set permissions in DCOM, WMI, ensured the services are running, allowed WMI through the Windows Firewall (even though the firewalls are set to off) and ensured PRTG is using the right credentials.I was getting an error PE015 but now they just show as Down.For example, we have noticed that many times when WMI issues arise, one (or multiple) WMI components that are crucial for proper WMI monitoring are missing or have not been implemented properly.

Throwing a mixture of PE015, 80041002 (Object Not Found).

I have been breaking my head on this one, WMI is working on my servers, but on some servers, the Free Disk Space (Multi Drive) sensor can't seem to get out of an error state (unexpected result). I tried to use Free Disk Space (Multi Drive) sensor per drive, and it appeared that only some drives fail.

Solution: be sure the account you use for logging in with WMI has some read rights to the drive. I'm having a nightmare getting the WMI sensors to work on Windows Server 2016.

Bear in mind, we do not define the necessary permissions / privileges to access those counters.

That's done by Microsoft and potentially the Windows Admins in an organization. We recommend actually to use Remote Probes in a NAT-scenario.

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