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A while back we learnt how to make dynamic data validation lists based on Excel tables that grow as the base data grow.

It is much easier approach to data validation lists without the hassles of using OFFSET function coupled with unnecessary bits with more limitations still.

And I implemented the same idea in designing Invoice template.

However, it had single column data list and today we will be updating the same template with multi-column data validation list.

To learn how this template was originally made and different techniques applied check this tutorial: FREE Excel Invoice Template V1.0 with Customer and Product list – Unlocked Download ready!

Step 2: Go to customers worksheet and name the cell B1 Customer Name by typing it in the name box and pressing enter.

import 'package:dropdownfield/dropdownfield.dart'; Drop Down Field( value: accountname, required: true, label Text: 'Account Name *', icon: Icon(Icons.account_balance), items: account Names, setter: (dynamic new Value) ), reported 3 hints: line 103 col 29: The member 'set State' can only be used within instance members of subclasses of 'package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart'.

line 129 col 36: This function has a return type of 'String', but doesn't end with a return statement.

For the purpose of this tutorial I have simply removed the simple data validation list that we will update with a better solution.

This is what we call Conditional data validation means restricting the choices in an Excel drop-down list depending on the value in another cell (or in another drop down, for that matter).

Here, we will find out how to create conditional Excel drop down using Data Validation. In this formula, INDIRECT simply evaluates values in column B as references, which links them to the named ranges we have defined previously.

Today we are learning how to make dynamic multi columnar data validation lists in Excel that helps display much more data in the drop down list and are far superior and flexible than usual data validated lists.

Here is what we will achieve by the end of this tutorial (left) and what we usually get with usual data validation lists (right) A simple data validation list helps us display specific data range in the form of drop-down list in a desired cell.

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