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for example of the users enters "Cat" echo "you must have ginger with cat" text area contains the worlds "ginger" and "cat" - it gets submitted. The value from the textarea needs to be loaded into a variable.Hi, I have a text area, which I am trying to validate.Also can this be done only in Xaml without codebehind?Please help me with the required code This is Xaml code: , you can do the validation in that instead of the setter of a particular property, then whenever there is a error, return an error message so that the text box which has the error gets a red box around it, indicating an error.5 if you are hand-rolling validation like you do here, all you need to do is to set the default value after you Message Box.Hello me again, I hope someone can help, I'm quite new to php so this may be quite simple but im pulling my hair out.Nu page, and view the results of checking the updated file. Nu page reports "No file chosen", even though it correctly shows the latest results for the file previously chosen. The remainder of this comment is FYI only; I don't expect you to read it. I do not yet fully understand grammars or their implementation, but I get this much: "out of the box" - with the set of packages that comes with Atom when you download it - the Atom grammars include HTML and XML.

I would like to check the whole textarea for certain words and then echo back an error message if the word isn't aloud.Similarly, if you create a new document (that you have not yet saved), you can set its grammar, but only to HTML, not specifically to XHTML. Here's my problem: those new documents have no file extension.(I could just open the sample documents, but I'd prefer not to do that, to avoid the user inadvertently updating them.And I don't want to make them read-only.) The best I can do in Atom is to set their grammar to HTML, which is not specific enough: especially, not specific enough to tell v. This is not ideal, but I think I should publish this Atom package in at least some basic working form before I approach the developers responsible for the grammars, who might reasonably ask "Who are you; why should we listen to you; what have you done? I need validations for my Text Box, it should show errors as I enter wrong characters or integers.

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In your code, define your specifications in properties setters and throw exceptions when ever it doesn't compliance to your specifications.

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