When he gets scared dating Local girl want sex

If you take this route, be prepared and open to hear the truth.He may say that he’s having second thoughts about the relationship. If the answer is any of these, just know that knowing the truth earlier is always better, and it will save you a lot of anxiety and even more heartbreak down the road. This may be because he’s not in touch with his feelings or aware of his own changes in behavior, or it may be that he’s now being his true self and he’s just not capable of giving you more than you’re getting from him right now.

Maybe he’s had some stressful situations at work that have had him preoccupied.

Because as hard as it is to admit it to ourselves sometimes, some relationships are just not meant to be.

As hard as it can be to give up the dream of what the relationship could have been, at least in our minds, sometimes we find ourselves falling for guys that are just not the ones for us. Better than settling for something that’s less than the real thing.

The good news is that we can look at this as a gift.

It’s the gift of a clear message that things aren't quite right. Well, there are basically three avenues we can take.

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