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“He always wants to be the best and keep people under his thumb.” But when it comes to Jude this season, Zero isn’t the only one interested.

Jonathan Bennett () will be playing Lucas, another sports agent that may give our favorite egotistical basketball player a little competition.

And for his part, Jude refuses to be pulled back into the closet by anyone.

“Expect controversy from Zero this season,” said Adam Senn.

There is a huge lack of law enforcement at many of these event.

And a huge lack of metal detectors as a first defense.

Senn was born in Paris, France, and grew up in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

He studied theater as a child and throughout high school.

Lots of his personal details are yet to be undisclosed.

After high school Senn moved to New York City, where he attended Atlantic Theater, while working for fashion brands like Tom Ford and Gucci.

Other fashion campaigns and editorials for 2012 included Express, photographed by Greg Kadel, Mavi Jeans campaign, snapped by Mariano Vivanco, and Blanco Suitebalanco.

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Jude expressed how he feels about Zero and in return Zero told Jude his real name, Gideon.

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