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It follows a young girl (Loreto Peralta) and her uncle (William Moseley) who travel to Mississippi to uncover a legend and a promised magical elixir, along the way discovering an enchanting woman (Poppy Drayton) who may be the real “Little Mermaid” of lore. All the underwater sequences were filmed at Weeki Wachee. We got to meet professional mermaids and swam with them in the gorgeous springs.

They gave me tips on how to maneuver with those massive tail fins that are part of the prosthetic costume.

I practiced my swimming for months beforehand at my local leisure center to get down the fluid flow, then practiced holding my breath for longer and longer periods.

I learned not to be afraid of the water, just let go. I hoped to see manatees at Weeki Wachee, but we didn’t, though I did have fish and turtles following along behind me. It’s a PG-friendly family film but plenty for adults to enjoy too.

Much of the crew in Savannah were part of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

The movie is essentially a Steinbrenner/Kingsway family production, as the lead producer is Rob Molloy, grandson of the inestimable George Steinbrenner.Yeah, I hear the term “fake news” a lot in America.I loved playing the reporter (who’s also the uncle of the ill niece who’s so intrigued by mermaid life). And it’s through his eyes as an investigative reporter that he becomes the audience’s eyes and ears too.But we made ours first and got it out of the gate first.Filming at Weeki Wachee was so much fun, and filming in Savannah was beautiful too.

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