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The only reason to write a book would be to make money, and I don't want to do that.To write a book would be going against how I've lived. Patrick's Day] Good luck happens to people who work hard for it.Youngest of 2 children, and only son born to Terrence and Marie Duffy.Patrick was born in Montana, where his parents owned local taverns, and raised in Everett, Washington, since age 12.He appeared in episodes of both Dallas (1978) and Step by Step (1991) which were named after Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989): Dallas: Sex, Lies and Videotape (1989) and Step by Step: Sex, Lies and Videotape (1997).Along with Larry Hagman, Charlene Tilton, Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark, he is one of only five actors to play the same character (Bobby Ewing) in all three series in the "Dallas" franchise: Dallas (1978), Knots Landing (1979) and Dallas (2012).He was one of 12 people accepted, from over 1,200 applicants.

It's great to be able to do shows like Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door (2006), which I think is entirely too long a title.

Later Wentz recanted his testimony and told prosecutors he was the one who murdered the couple, but Miller's November 2000 appeal of clemency was denied.

When he was a kid the father of his future wife (Carlyn Rosser) had worked with Barbara Bel Geddes in her first Broadway play, "The Moon is Blue", years before he got the role on Dallas (1978) as her youngest son.

[on his on- and off-screen chemistry with Barbara Bel Geddes] Oh, the best. So by the time I got on the sound stage for the first time with Barbara, I had all this common ground that we could discuss and she's the great American film star.

First of all, I have a great history with Barbara by virtue of my wife. He was a very famous American architect, Norman Bel Geddes, in New York. She's right up there with Julie Harris and people like that.

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