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On the first night, while Bella is dreaming of Edward, she says his name in her sleep.Edward then realizes that he loves her, and tries to get close to her again.He believes her to be of interest because he cannot read her droll thoughts and dismiss her, as he has done for most of his vampire life.He temporarily runs away from her to Alaska, where he stays with the Denalis for a short while.They are members of the Olympic coven and the parents of Renesmee Cullen.The saga mainly focuses on their relationship's development, starting with their first and dangerous encounter in Twilight to their eternal love in Breaking Dawn.During these occasions, she also spent time with Rachel, Rebecca, and Jacob Black, the children of Charlie's friend Billy Black. This was when she put her foot down, and Charlie went to California for two weeks every summer instead. By the time Bella was seventeen, her mom had remarried to a minor league baseball player named Phil Dwyer.

In the movies, Bella is portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Edward by Robert Pattinson. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." Isabella Marie Swan's parents divorced when she was three months old, after which Renée took Bella with her to Riverside, California, and lived there with Bella's grandmother for five years before moving to Phoenix, Arizona. She never had many friends, and spent a lot of time with her mother. Bella has visited Forks in her past to spend time with Charlie every summer.However, he is determined to keep her human, despite her wanting to become one.At the end of Twilight, Edward takes Bella to the prom, despite her broken leg and angry protests."There was this beautiful image, this boy, just glittering with light and talking to this normal girl. She was also listening, as I was, and he was the one telling the story.It was mostly about how much he wanted to kill her―and, yet, how much he loved her." Isabella Marie Swan Cullen and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen are the main couple throughout the Twilight Saga.

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To make it easier for them, Bella moved back to her birth town of Forks to live with her father.

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