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After his mother's death, he lived with his half-brother David.James finished his schooling from Downey High School.On 17th August 1997, James Hetfield married his current spouse, Francesca Tomasi, an Argentinian.In many of Hetfield's interview, he has mentioned his wife's contribution to his success and the way he is now.All the member were shaken up and were very emotional. After many days they decided to add bassist Jason Newsted and started touring again.Furthermore, after two years of Cliff's demise, James, and drummer Ulrich decided to take an unanticipated direction for the band and released their first music video, One in 1998.It took almost three weeks to recover and to make a comeback in the band. In 2011 they collaborated with singer-writer Lou Reed and released Lulu which also did not match the expectation of the audiences.

During the incident the bassist Cliff Burton was thrown away from the bus and died on the spot.In 1984 they released their second album, Ride the Lighting which was also a hit.In 1986 while they were touring to promote their third album, ''Master of Puppets'' some unexpected incident took place.In 1983, Kirk Hammett replaced Dave Mustaine and shifted to San Fransisco to record their debuted album.They were rejected and thrown away from several recording studios due to their aggressive and metallic voice.

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