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But then we were all like, 'Shit, Le Bron' because that's when he went down."James missed 18 of the next 19 games with a groin injury.

He returned to a team in disarray thanks to trade rumors that had half the young roster being shipped to New Orleans for Anthony Davis."Even some of the old guys were affected," Rondo says. As vets, we have to move forward and not focus on what the young guys are focusing on. You can't really relate to it until you've gone through it. I think we held it together as best as possible."A recent article detailing the turbulence within the team pinned some of it on James' agent, Paul.

And all that would be easy to dismiss as delusional coming from someone other than "Playoff Rondo," the alter ego he acquired for his recurrent ability not only to elevate his game in the postseason but also to transform underdog squads into nightmares for top-seeded opponents."I was strategically thinking before the season, 'OK, I can match so-and-so with Cuz [De Marcus Cousins] ...

That would certainly explain why he has such a firm grip on hoops but a looser understanding of how to get along with people; one lends itself to mathematical understanding while the other doesn't.

Everybody knows Rajon Rondo doesn't do "normal."Perhaps that's why the unusual method he used to announce his return date on Twitter hardly raised an eyebrow across the league: To be clear, everyone in NBA circles recognizes the significance of Rondo's return from a torn ACL, which he communicated by sharing the number of seconds that will have elapsed between his injury and his first game back on Jan. But nobody was surprised to see him communicate that information in such an oddly cryptic way.

Rondo's a different breed, with a personality that falls somewhere on the spectrum between "quirky" and "downright weird."Figuring him out isn't easy, but maybe an examination of the peculiar tendencies and contradictions that make up his personality will help shed a little light on the league's most unusual star. Everyone knows about his penchant for Connect Four, a strategy game for kids that is basically a more complicated version of tic-tac-toe.

The next day, the coach quizzed Rondo on the plays.

He asked about three or four, and Rondo ran through the details for him.

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