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They posted negative comments about Richie and Bieber was livid.

To express his anger, Bieber withdrew his Instagram account much to the dismay of millions of his fans. Anyway, matters came to a head and Gomez, and Bieber started a social media war which kept everyone entertained.

The often disproven tabloid contends they turned from platonic pals to boyfriend and girlfriend after reconnecting at a mutual acquaintance’s wedding in February.

In an attempt to make its premise seem more believable, the outlet quotes a supposed “source” as saying Horan and Gomez have “always been close but something changed.” The alleged tipster asserts, “They’ve been chatting a lot more than usual.” After claiming that her friends and family have been “urging her to take it slow,” the purported “source” notes how Horan has been “nothing but supportive” of Gomez, which has earned her loved ones’ “seal of approval.” Glaringly missing, however, is any proof that Gomez and Horan have moved out of the friends zone and into a full-fledge romantic relationship.

Still, that same blog continued through 2017 has reheated this fictitious scenario.

But a lie repeated is still a lie, and that tabloid certainly has a history of fibbing when it comes to Gomez.

While it’s accurate that in February, and Horan was a guest as well, the two young musicians are not dating.

They were very in love at one point and went through a lot, and so some feelings just don’t go away.

We’re exclusively told their friendship has not turned romantic.

Under the headline, “Selena & Niall: It’s On,” plays on the title of one of Gomez’s songs to call her a “Bad Liar” after having previously denied that she and the former One Direction singer were dating.

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