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A worker at the reception desk disclosed that at least 500 bouquets, delivered mostly by grieving fans, had arrived for the family in the three days between the crash and the return of her body. Aaliyah's private funeral services were held on August 31, 2001, at the Frank E. Aaliyah was initially entombed in a crypt on the third floor of the expansion wing of Ferncliff Cemetery's main mausoleum in Hartsdale, New York.

Aaliyah's publicist, Jill Fritzo, said the Haughton family was touched by the support they received from fans and reported the condition of the family. In April 2005, she was moved to a private room at the end of a corridor in the Rosewood Mausoleum.

"Right, so we're all sad that Aaliyah is dead, and no one begrudges her a proper sendoff.

But a traffic-snarling, horse-drawn cortege in honor of a pop singer most people have never heard of?

On Saturday, August 25, 2001, after Aaliyah and the record company employees had completed filming the music video for "Rock the Boat", at p.m.

(EDT), they boarded a twin-engine Cessna 402B (registration N8097W) at the Marsh Harbour Airport, located on the Abaco Islands, for the return trip back to Opa-locka Airport in Florida. The aircraft designated for the return flight was smaller than the one on which they had originally arrived, but it accommodated the whole party and all of their equipment.

Her funeral was held on August 31, 2001, in Manhattan.

She had spoken to the fan for 15 minutes and gave him a hug as well. His statement came as investigators declined to comment on weight being a factor in the crash.

And two guys were alive — one screaming and screaming for help. The subsequent investigation determined that when the aircraft attempted to depart, it was over its maximum takeoff weight by 700 pounds (320 kg) and had one more passenger than it was certified to carry.

He was horribly burned all over." A 25-year-old charter pilot who witnessed the crash saw the Cessna go down as he was working on some machinery "about half a mile" away. An informational report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board stated, "The airplane was seen lifting off the runway, and then nose down, impacting in a marsh on the south side of the departure end of runway 27." It indicated that the pilot was not approved to fly the aircraft.

In addition to Aaliyah, eight other people were killed in the plane crash. The investigation following the crash looked into the possibility that the aircraft was overloaded.

Three days after the crash, Aaliyah's remains were returned to the United States.

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