Who was ryan lochte dating in 2016 dating jason from work

But now, she and Lochte are talking about how many children they want. ("We get those things all the time," Reid explained.

"No less than two, no more than three," Lochte has decided. Lochte forgot everything he wanted to say to Reid when he proposed, despite dress-rehearsing. So, she’s never been on a helicopter ride so I said, 'Oh, this company, this helicopter place reached out to me and wanted to take me on a helicopter ride because I’m new in L. "Like, 'Hey, if you do this, can you just give us a shout-out or take a picture?

spoke to the 11-time Olympic medalist about what his typical day looks like and how romance fits into it. After that, we go straight to the gym where we do an hour and 15 minutes of weight lifting.

Is there such thing as a lazy day for you and, if so, what are you doing? I don't swim on Sundays, I don't train, and it's because I'm beating up my body so much Monday through Saturday that Sunday is where I don't get off the couch. Then after that, I go back home, I eat lunch, I probably take an hour nap, I'll watch some TV or watch a movie, and then I have afternoon practice. That could be running, doing medicine ball work, doing yoga, Pilates. I heard it took off in Sochi [at the 2014 Winter Olympics] and then people were talking about it and I was like, "Let me try this." So I got on it and I've been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything. The ones you are talking to, what grabbed your attention, what made the difference? You can't say, like, looks aren't everything because, I mean, that's the first thing that people see.

How did that go and what grabbed your attention, profile-wise?

"She still loves me, and she's still right there with me." That definitely shows loyalty.

Reid aspires to become Lochte's personal nutrition coach, of sorts. She's upbeat about the role she can play in Lochte's training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Just as Michael Phelps enjoyed something of an image renaissance at the Rio Games — in no small part thanks to his cheer squad having expanded from his mom to his mom, his now-wife, and their baby, who has more than enough Instagram followers to qualify as an "influencer" — Lochte seems to be hoping for something similar for himself at the Tokyo Games.

Before Reid moved in with him, Lochte described his diet as "anything, everything" (to be clear, this included both fast food and Mountain Dew). "I want to help him get deeper into the diet," she said. Minutes after walking in the door, Lochte started telling me on the record about how excited he is to have kids. Dicks Out For Harambe: Brandon Zaboklicki and Brandon Wardell 12. The Damn Daniel Boys: Daniel Lara and Josh Holz Related: How Ryan Lochte Went From Disgraced Olympian to Engaged Man Follow Amy on Twitter and Instagram.

Since then, Reid has cheered him on during , and she also showed her support during Lochte's Rio Olympics scandal.

The 32-year-old athlete was charged by Brazilian authorities with falsely reporting a crime.

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