Wince updating registry values

One thing I strive to do is keep all of our h/w on the same OS version.

The h/w doesn't change that much (x86 based touchscreen), but sometimes you just have to revise the OS deployed in the field.

The system in which I live in let's me know when I have new s/w. My primary assumption is that everything runs out of RAM. Changing these while CE is running makes CE very very unhappy. The old registry file will not work with the new OS, so it must be replaced.

So, I'm deleting files - executables, data, dlls, you name it and replace them with the new code. What I know is that if you replace the OS file and not the registry files, CE notes this, and will do one of two things: 1) go brain dead and stop (very bad) or 2) create new registry files that don't know anything about my app - it boots to the CE desktop and the end user has no idea what to do. I know I can craft up some application code to work around the process - but it would be much simpler if I had some way of telling CE "it's okay, please use these hive files" :) Well, in conversations with my OEM support team - the answer is don't do that.

The OS lives on a compact flash card, so I *can* wipe it :).

We try to avoid this due to complications such as I face now. And I have to be able to update my s/w in some predictable, automated fashion.

Our upgrade processing essentially wipes the flash holding the OS and the application s/w and re-writes everything. hmm, but again - I never heard of such a thing like you describe :) first of all, OS image is usually in ROM, so you cannot just wipe it out.

In a past version, the OS (CE 4.1) used a file based registry and my upgrade approach worked fine. second, if your application runs under Win CE 5.0, then it's nearly impossible for the application to update OS it is running in.

Pretty much everything (except for the registry files) runs out of ram.

anyway, if you want to update the registry, the best shot is probably just to create a small app that uses Win32 API to setup all required keys and values.

Hope this helps :) Well, okay, let me explain some more - this ain't no phone :). The CE device is an industrial HMI system - runs CE 5.0 on a 1024x768 touchscreen.

HTML deals with fonts, colors, graphics, and hyperlinks, while CSS describes how HTML elements are to be displayed.

Oh, okay, we're on two different tracks, sorry about that. We have a 3rd party vendor supply us with the OS and h/w.

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