Windows sidebar rss feed not updating

This poor formatting can be caused by a blank space after closing php tag in a plugin or in your theme’s file.

If you recently added a code snippet to your theme or child theme‘s file. If there is a closing php tag at the end of your functions file, make sure that there is no extra space or line breaks after it.

In some cases, some browser extensions can interfer with the loading of Feedly.

If you have some browser extensions installed, try to load Feedly in an incognito window and see if that resolves the issue.

:)Unlike the gadget from Windows Vista, the new Feed Reader does not manage its own list of RSS feeds.

Instead, feeds are pulled directly from your Internet Explorer Feed Subscriptions.

A missing line break or an extra tab can break your RSS feed.

In this article, we will show you how to find and fix Word Press RSS feed errors.

I found some websites that convert the RSS link (which of course contain XML code) into simple Javascript code (like Feedbucket), which can be pasted into a super-basic HTML page.

It works, however, I noticed that even when I refresh the HTML webpage, new items in the feed don't load until about 10-20 minutes after they are published.

Now that's a problem, as my HTML website only displays the XML.

So, I wanted to ask you guys how I could "convert" the XML data displayed into an easy-to-read HTML format (where it displays the title, short description, and published time). But my mind hasn't evolved enough to understand all of the complex tutorials I found online, so I would appreciate it someone could explain how to make this using basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript (and j Query without plugins if absolutely necessary).

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