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Plan on answering a bunch of questions about yourself.If I’m gonna write a dating profile for you, I’ll need to get to know your personality, quirks, habits, and more. Perhaps you are a super smart overachiever who excels at everything in life, but just can’t crack the online dating code.Plus, you’ll get 1 dating profile written for you and 1 revision (if needed).

This way you can update your profile at your own pace after the call. I’ll help you select a main photo, choose your best online dating photos, and suggest which photos to delete.

With the purchase of this package, you will receive one 50 minute Skype session with me.

During our session, I will verbally audit each written section of your dating profile.

This will help me present a story of what it would be like for someone to go on a date and spend time with you. The good news is, an online dating coach (like me) can jumpstart your dating life.

With my Ultimate Dating Profile Service, you’ll not only get a new dating profile written for you- but you’ll have me by your side with some extra one on one Skype sessions. This service begins with everything you see in my above Pro Plan (an intro 50 minute Skype session, one dating profile written for you, plus revision if necessary).

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  1. It’s actually funny, sometimes we say a phrases that mean something completely different to the other person and we start cracking up while we are making love. I feel like communication is the most important thing with sex, to be able to really figure out what we both like.